The Napa Institute: Preparing Catholic Leaders

There’s a great article on the web site about Tim Busch, founder of the Napa Institute.  The interview touches on Tim’s faith influencing his business decisions, and how the Napa Institute helps to mold that spiritual responsibility into today’s business leaders.

I think the majority, a silent majority, is yearning for faith to be returned to the marketplace. We need to be brave and stand up to the evil one that inspires this secularism — and we need to arm people with testimonies and content. This is what the Napa Institute is about. It exists to show people what you can do when you give them the wherewithal to explain the faith. It inspires them to see that God is not just about religion, but about art and music and relationships and family. Somehow we’ve gotten distracted about that in this country over the last 25 years.

Last year, the Napa Institute event was host to two hundred and fifty current and future business leaders.  Find out more about the Napa Institute.

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