San Diego Chargers QB, Phillip Rivers, Passes on His Faith

Philip Rivers of the San Diego ChargersThere’s a great article about San Diego Charger Philip Rivers in the National Catholic Register. Mr. Rivers, a supporter of Immaculate Heart Radio’s efforts to bring Catholic Radio to San Diego, is profiled and discusses his career, faith and family in the article.

He even discusses his Patron Saint, St. Sebastian.

“St. Sebastian is the patron of athletes, so I wear a medal of him, along with a miraculous medal and a crucifix. There are many stories I could tell about his patronage, but here’s just one. In a 2008 playoff game I tore my ACL [anterior cruciate ligament]. The week following that game was a very spiritual one for me. My mom asked me on the phone, “Do you know that St. Sebastian’s feast day [Jan. 20] is the day of the next playoff game?” Amazingly, maybe even miraculously, I was able to play that game.”

Please take a few moments and read the full article.

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