SB 48 Referendum is Underway

legislationThe state legislature of California passed a new law this summer, which takes effect in 2012. The bill, SB 48 requires social studies in California Schools to positively feature discussions about gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.  These are mandated for all California students from grades K-12.

Currently, a referendum drive is underway to put this bill before the people of California for a vote, due in part to the following:

  • Parents are given no choice in the curriculum – Parents with strong values cannot have their children opt out of these lessons that may directly conflict with their families’ values.
  • Specialty charter schools as well as individual teachers that have traditionally had the freedom to offer family-values oriented instruction may no longer be able to teach those values.
  • At a time when we should be looking for ways to trim education costs, this bill will mandate the revision of all social studies books in use in the state for K-12th grade.
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