Pledge Drive Station Update

As many of you may know, we haven’t quite made it to our goal of $587,000 dollars. Below is how each individual station is doing in reaching that goal. The amount next to each station is the dollars needed to be fully funded!

City, State Remaining
Phoenix, AZ $261
Bakersfield, CA $4,577
Eureka, CA $347
Greenville, CA $214
Lemoore, CA $2,920
Madera, CA $2,627
Modesto, CA Funded
Monterey, CA $8,062
San Luis Obispo, CA $2,898
Sacramento, CA $14,987
San Diego, CA $37,780
San Francisco, CA $30,187
Stockton, CA $7,079
Maui, HI $663
Albuquerque, NM $8,846
Clovis, NM $1,457
Farmington, NM $315
Gallup, NM $441
Portales, NM $284
Roswell, NM $441
Santa Fe, NM $1,598
Shiprock, NM $268
Tucumcari, NM $189
Las Vegas, NV $7,215
Reno, NV $1,815
Out of Area $1,809
Salt Lake City, UT $2,585

When you give using our online donation system, your pledge is automatically applied to your local Immaculate Heart Station

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OC’s Christ Cathedral to house several Catholic organizations

Photo credit: Ana Venegas | AP Photo/Orange County Register

Photo credit: Ana Venegas | AP Photo/Orange County Register

After the “Crystal Cathedral” was sold to the Diocese of Orange and became “Christ Cathedral” work has begun to use the Cathedral’s campus to serve several lay Catholic organizations, including Immaculate Heart Radio, EWTN, the Magis Center, and the Augustine Institute.

Lawyer and entrepreneur Tim Busch has been at the forefront of the effort to bring several of these Catholic organizations to Orange County.


According to Busch, the campus features six buildings comprising 350,000 square feet, and while the sanctuary isn’t open yet, it’s a functioning parish. Daily Masses (including ones in Spanish and Vietnamese) for the Christ Cathedral Parish community. are offered in the Arboretum, a 1961 building designed by architect Richard Neutra.

“Over 13,000 people go to Mass there every weekend,” says Busch. “It’s highly unusual to have a cathedral parish with that type of activity. Cathedral parishes are typically in urban areas, and absent St. Patrick’s Cathedral [in New York City], are rarely attended by the lay faithful.

… The diocesan headquarters are already on the campus, along with the Cathedral Academy, with preschool through Grade 8. Recently, worldwide Catholic satellite and radio network EWTN announced it was opening a West Coast studio in the 14-story Tower of Hope.

“It has become the home of multiple movements that are going on in the Church,” says Busch, “which include EWTN, but also a 25-station Catholic radio network called Immaculate Heart Radio. It’s also going to house the West Coast office of the Augustine Institute, which is a Biblical institute out of Denver. Then there’s the Magis Center, which is a reason-and-faith center that was started by Father Robert Spitzer.

…. There are several other ministries that are looking to relocate there. This is going to create great synergies among those ministries, to collaborate on donor bases and organizational structure.”

Read the full story.


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‘Faithful America’ Not Faithful to Catholic Teaching

Salvatore J. CordileoneBack in June, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone received some backlash from San Francisco politicians and civic leaders on his decision to speak at the March for Marriage in Washington, D.C..  The Catholic San Francisco recently reported that this backlash was not spontaneous, but planned and well-financed by a group called “Faithful America.”

Faithful America states that it’s mission is to “reclaim Christianity from the religious right” and that it’s members are “sick of sitting by quietly while Jesus’ message of good news is hijacked to serve a hateful and political agenda.”

Catholic San Francisco reports that:

Faithful America is partially funded by three of the country’s top gay rights activists and nonprofit foundation funders of LGBT initiatives, Colorado multimillionaire political activist (Tim) Gill and Michigan billionaire (Jon) Stryker, as well as by progressive billionaire (George) Soros. Gill, Soros and Stryker are not Catholic and do not live in the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

The Catholic San Francisco will run a three-part series to “analyze Faithful America, the funding of groups that call themselves Catholic or faith-based and attack Catholic leaders and teaching, and the concept of ‘hate groups’ and ‘hate speech.'”

Read more at the Catholic San Francisco.

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